May 17-19, 2018

Marble Falls, TX


Camp Maverick is truly unlike
any other event you’ve attended…

At Camp Maverick you'll create your own personal experience by selecting which topics you'd like to dive into, what experiences you'd like to have and how much you're willing to disconnect from "the real world." You get to get pick and choose exactly what's most beneficial to you and your business from the Maverick Multiplier™ Tracks. Workshops are led by your Expert Camp Counselors, founders who have grown some of the world's fastest growing companies or those that are simply the 'best-of-the-best' experts in their fields.

Here's a tiny sampling of the insightful strategies and topics that were available last year:

  • Working with partners
  • Big media strategies from DRTV
  • Surviving the entrepreneurial emotional roller coaster
  • Hiring A-players
  • Angel investing
  • Creating moments of surprise and delight
  • Optimizing high-profit funnels
  • Podcasting secrets of 1M+ downloads per month
  • Developing your vivid vision for the future and so much more...

However the business building information is really just the start…

We've rented out the same amazing venue with awesome cabins on a lake in the Berkshire Mountains of Connecticut and are bringing in experts on different topics as your 'Camp Counselors.'

Start your day with Maverick Mindfulness or Maverick Movement.

Wake yourself up with a morning hike or a stretch by the lake or get your heart pumping with a High Intensity Workout with one of our health and fitness experts. Daily activities also center on reconnecting to your spirit and source. You may choose to start your day with yoga, meditation or healing practices available from top teachers and instructors. Once again it's your choice and you can even mix and match!

Maverick Adventures

You'll definitely want to take part in the dozens of camp activities and unique experiences we have planned for you.

Plus, that doesn't even include all of the watersports and adventure activities available for you at camp. And then, of course, the unique "Great Green Gong Show" and Maverick Color War will be legendary.

Maverick Mayhem

Oh, and make sure you come ready to play full out because we’ve been known to throw an epic party or two! Think theme parties, awesome live music or amazing celebrated DJ’s.

If you’ve ever thought about checking out a Maverick event, Camp is a good way to get a small glimpse of the incredible array of exceptional entrepreneurs and relationships created within our community.

Basically, you're looking at 3 days of awesome learning, activities and adventure with an exceptional group of entrepreneurs. It’s an incredible mix of business development, high-level connections and a big dose of Maverick Mayhem – summer camp style!

If you’ve ever thought about checking out a Maverick event, this is a good one to give you a little glimpse of the incredible array of exceptional entrepreneurs and relationships created.

Camp Maverick is built around Maverick’s 3 Core Pillars:

100 Tickets Available

In order to create a truly remarkable experience, Camp Maverick will be significantly more intimate than any of the previously sold-out Underground® events. Instead of 400-500 attendees like we would normally have, we’re paring the numbers down to just 175 campers in total.

Maverick1000, Maverick NEXT members and previous campers have already reserved 50% of the spots so that means there will be less than 100 tickets available when we open the doors.

Attendance is application-only so that we can truly curate the ideal mix of entrepreneurs, business leaders and impact makers from a multitude of fields.

We are looking for a combination of business success, current contribution, what you bring to the table and your ‘Maverick DNA’.

Your all-inclusive pass for Camp Maverick includes lodging, gourmet food, premium drinks, all your learning & growth sessions, activities, adventures, experiences, parties and so much more. Your investment is just $4,495 all-in.

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