May 17-19, 2018

Marble Falls, TX


Your Invitation to Camp Maverick

Imagine Heading To Sleepaway Camp
With A Group Of Exceptional Entrepreneurs
To Learn, Play And Make A Difference

After Attending Camp Maverick
You’ll Wonder Why Every Business Event Isn’t Done Like This:

Maverick Camp is great so far. I just come to a Maverick event and don't know what to expect--usually I expect a kickass time of growing, learning, having a lot of fun. Actually, the fun factor allows me to open up the creative side. The Mavericks got a lot of good learning sessions--not too long so with my ADD it kind of works with me. But a lot of good conversations, too, outside the learning sessions when we’re having fun.

It was a kickass’s an awesome time.

– TONY RICCIARDI, Principal at Inbound DesigCo-Founder, Listen Up Espanolns

I love Camp Maverick. This is the best conference I've been to... who the hell wants to go to another hotel room... it's just tremendous. Great support... phenomenal friends, crazy people and great entrepreneurs... you'd be crazy not to be here.

– SCOTT THOMPSON, CEO, Life Matters and former Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year winner

Maverick’s Camp was going back to childhood and doing everything the Maverick's way. This was the best and most enriching and invigorating experience. Thank you, Mavericks.

– SHARI ALDRICH, President and Clinical Director of Bodymechanics Institute

Camp Maverick is awesome. I’m really impressed with the people that I met. Of course, it’s just a freakin’ great time, but speakers are really cool. Yesterday I was talking a one of the speakers and he gave me a referral right away. Send the guy an email; he called me on the phone. It’s just amazing the kind of connections you can make here. The people are so much fun. You have to come to Camp Maverick again... and become a Maverick because this group is awesome!

– JOE FOLEY, Client Experience Officer at Corporate Disk Company

This has been the most amazing experience to me. I met a bunch of cool people. Everybody is smart. I can point a finger in any direction and learn something from anybody. I’ve met a lot of good partners--a lot of good people that can help me grow--being a Maverick Next’er. I can’t put a price on it. It’s the most amazing time I’ve ever had!

– VINNY AZEVEDO, Founder of Nettrus

Every moment of camp was mind blowing and heart opening. The community you’ve built is full of the most genuine, giving people, I’ve ever met. Thank you for inviting me and Virgin Unite to Camp Maverick.

– Katie Hunt-Morr, Virgin Unite

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