May 17-19, 2018

Marble Falls, TX


Who’s Camping With You?

Past Expert
"Camp Counselors"

Your 'Camp Counselors' are the experts and top business minds you'd normally see delivering keynotes at seminars – but not here.

You won't be sitting in boring presentations or spending countless hours in a generic meeting room. Instead, you'll actually be taking part in hands-on learning, workshops, and meaningful conversations throughout the 3 days together.

We haven't announced all of this year's counselors yet, but last year's group was pretty epic (and many are coming back as paid campers). Below are just a few counselors already confirmed for this year!

Oren is a master at making large business deals with a lot of money hanging in the balance…

…and he says most people go about pitching deals all wrong. They rely on sales techniques that might work one on one with a customer but are totally ineffective at closing big business deals.

And Oren would know. He’s closed over $400 million worth of deals.

As the founder and director of capital markets at Intersection Capital, Oren Klaff has extensive experience raising capital for companies, selling companies, and closing complex deals. The firm has done about $2 billion in aggregate trade volume since being founded.

His unique, counterintuitive method will show you exactly how to pitch…well…anything. His bestselling book, Pitch Anything, will teach you how to deliver the pitch of your life while avoiding all the deal-killing pitfalls so many aspiring entrepreneurs fall into.

In 1978 Brian was an Australian surfer living in California. He noticed it was very hard to find sheepskin boots in California, which were very popular among Australian surfers.

Brian brought a few pairs over from Australia to test the market, and the UGG business was born…. Over the next 17 years, Brian built the business into a nationally recognized brand with intensely loyal customers. Today, UGG Australia does over $1 billion in sales every year.

Brian has a tremendous amount of wisdom to share when it comes to:

  • Enduring the ecstatic highs and crushing lows of life as an entrepreneur.
  • Dealing with the ever-present reality of uncertainty.
  • Letting go of things you cannot control.
  • Maintaining a passionate dedication to customers, employees, and the vision.
  • Achieving peace and perspective in life.
  • Digging deep to overcome every obstacle in your path.
  • Developing the resilience to get back up after setbacks.

Sallybelieves the greatest value you can add is to become more of yourself. Because of this belief, she has created the Fascination Advantage®, the first personality assessment that measures how others perceive you.

After researching over 600,000 people, her algorithm can pinpoint your most valuable differentiating traits. Unlike Myers-Briggs or StrengthsFinder, this test doesn’t measure how you see the world – but how the world sees you.

Her recent book, How the World Sees You, was a #1 Wall Street Journal bestseller. At the start of her career, Sally skyrocketed to the top of the advertising elite while writing commercials that fascinated millions of consumers. At the age of 24, she was the most award-winning copywriter in the U.S. and opened her first ad agency at age 27. Her work still hangs in the Smithsonian Museum of American History. She frequently appears in national media, including NBC’s Today show and the New York Times.

Sally is one of only 200 professional speakers since 1977 to be inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame, the industry’s highest award for professional excellence.

Ezra Firestone has been working in eCommerce for over a decade, and is thought by many to be one of the leading eCommerce experts in the world. He is the owner and operator of one eight-figure and two seven-figure eCommerce businesses, and uses the insight he gains from these business to produce his courses.

In 2016, Ezra established Zipify, a company focused on developing Shopify eCommerce applications. Through Zipify, Ezra uses his expertise in marketing, eCommerce and the Shopify platform to create applications to help Shopify store owners grow their businesses.

How does a founder have multiple setbacks and still go on to build a hit business? Kelly Fitzsimmons once found herself on the hook for $5 million in debt. She did something painful to get out from under it.

Kelly is a previous camper and is coming to share her experiment of living one year totally fearlessly. Actually, this is one of her experiments!

Imagine being able to fly. Walk through walls. Shape shift. Breathe underwater. Conjure loved ones―or total strangers―out of thin air. Imagine experiencing your nighttime dreams with the same awareness you possess right now―fully functioning memory, imagination, and self-awareness. Imagine being able to use this power to be more creative, solve problems, and discover a deep sense of well-being.

This is lucid dreaming―the ability to know you are dreaming while you are in a dream and then being able to consciously explore and change the elements of the dream.

Jared is the co-author of A Field Guide to Lucid Dreaming and an experienced oneironaut (a word that comes from the Greek oneira, meaning dreams, and nautis, meaning sailor).

Campers will learn about the powerful REM sleep stage―a window into lucid dreams. Improve dream recall by keeping a journal. Learn the importance of reality checks such as “The Finger”―during the day, try to pass your finger through your palm; then, when you actually do it successfully, you’ll know that you’re dreaming. And once you become lucid, you’ll know how to make the most of it. Every time you dream, you are washing up on the shores of your own inner landscape. Learn to explore a strange and thrilling world!

Matt is a veteran comic who can be seen performing at the nation’s top comedy clubs, casinos, and theaters. He has performed stand-up comedy over 6,000 times in 45 states and 7 countries. His energetic style, witty observations, and unassuming charm combined with his youthful enthusiasm and instant likeability are the driving forces behind his unique and hilarious comedy.

Matt has been seen on NBC’s Last Comic Standing and made frequent appearances on Comedy Central as well as Fox, VH-1, TLC, and the Discovery Channel. Matt comes to us fresh from his one-man show, 40 Is Not the New 20, at Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, and is ready to perform for campers and even teach you stand-up. That’s right!

You’ll discover how to use your own experiences and observations to create your own routine, find your comedic voice, and get any crowd laughing with you. You don’t have to want to do professional stand-up to benefit from this unique skill. It’s perfect for any type of presentation or speaking engagement you do online or off. And if you’re really brave, perhaps you’ll do a set of your comedy at the Great Green Gong show!

Yanik Silver redefines how business is played in the 21st century at the intersection of more profits, more fun and more impact.

Yanik’s story and businesses have been featured in WIRED,, USA Today,, MSN Money, Entrepreneur, Fox Business News, and the Wall Street Journal among others.

He is the author of several best-selling marketing books and tools including Maverick Startup, Instant Sales Letters® and Evolved Enterprise.

Yanik is the founder of Maverick1000, a global collective of the top entrepreneurs and industry innovators assembling for breakthrough retreats, rejuvenating experiences, and “giving forward” opportunities with participating icons such as Sir Richard Branson, Tony Hawk, Chris Blackwell, John Paul DeJoria, Tony Hsieh, Russell Simmons, and Tim Ferriss.

His lifetime goal is to connect visionary leaders and game changers to catalyze innovative business models and new ideas for solving 100 of the world’s most impactful issues by the year 2100. Truly changing the way business is played.

Dmitriy Kozlov is the founder and CEO of Vision Tech Team.

Dmitriy started Purpose Inspired Marketing shortly before graduating college (now known as Vision Tech Team), a Creative Technology Team that offers premium design and development solutions with marketing expertise for growing companies.

He has since grown it into an industry leading creative agency that offers services some of the top names in the information publishing space.

Dmitriy is one of the few people who can claim to have simultaneously built three successful businesses in different industries by age 27.

He is also a co-founder of MaverickNEXT, and currently works alongside Yanik Silver as a managing partner of Yanik's Evolved Enterprise business.

Dr. Anthony Balduzzi is a men's health, weight loss, & muscle-building expert for busy entrepreneurs. After watching his own Dad lose his health and pass away at the young age of 42, Dr. Anthony founded The Fit Father Project to help other busy men get and stay permanently healthy for their families. Dr. Anthony holds dual degrees in Nutrition & Neuroscience from the University Of Pennsylvania, a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine, and is also a national champion bodybuilder. He’s most proud of the fact that he’s helped over 10,000 fathers lose over 75,000lbs of fat with his work at the Fit Father Project.

Mary is a world nomad, adventurer, and fun-loving chocoholic… but she is also a force to be reckoned with in the direct selling space.

For almost two decades Mary has focused on taking traditionally “offline” products and services into the online realm. At the same time, she continues to nurture her life’s passion of helping entrepreneurs strategize, implement and execute world class organizations.

It’s not uncommon for Mary to double a company’s yearly revenues after she’s finished with them (sometimes by over $2 million) in completely unrelated industries.

Sheryl Netzky is the founder of Good Energy LLC. She is an energy alchemy teacher with more than 30 years of experience.

She practices shamanic energy work and customizes her Golden Mind Meditations and philosophies to support her clients’ wellness. Sheryl offers easy to apply spiritual life tools and tracks the energetics underneath her clients’ stories, supporting their most optimized intentions in becoming realities.

She helps business leaders align with purpose and reshape their lives to increase clarity and deepen relationships with themselves, others and their organizations.

She’s presented on Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island for thought leaders and for the Gates Foundation’s teacher-leaders. Sheryl has supported family wellness programs on Grand Cayman Island, and has facilitated US & European business teams in collaborative visioning, spiritual negotiations, creating a purpose-driven team, and supporting team members in personal development.

She’s an award-winning literacy consultant who’s supported best-selling authors in writing their next books, and a former senior faculty member for The Four Winds Society’s Healing the Light Body School, wherein she trained and mentored hundreds of global shamanic energy medicine practitioners. In the past few years, she’s been honored to support CEO’s, their families and teams all over the world.

If you're curious about energy alchemy and how it might support you and your team, connect with Sheryl at camp.

Eric Lochtefeld is an Investor in “Bliss”. Using his over 20+ years creating, running, and selling successful companies in the entertainment, education, and real estate spaces, he now seeks out competent individuals and organizations offering creative solutions to “blissful” activities.

And he has a vast experience to pull from when choosing the right people...

From running a student travel startup right out of college, to co creating and launching Vans Warped Tour, to producing the Sno-Core Tour, which included acts such as the Black Eyed Peas and Blink 182, to buying the Fox Theater in Redwood City, CA and leading a vibrancy movement that generated over $1 Billion in economic growth and increased property value in the city…

Let’s just say Eric knows a thing or two about a good investment.

More recently, Eric successfully sold Dream Careers Inc, the world’s largest summer internship business. The company had totaled over $100mm in revenue by the 12th and final year that Eric ran it.

Mitch Russo was chosen by Tony Robbins and the late Chet Holmes (one of the greatest sales trainers who ever lived), to lead their massively successful joint venture, Business Breakthroughs, Int’l, as the CEO and President.

They literally could have chosen anyone for that role... but Mitch was picked because of his business acumen and experience...

Before that point, but sometime after he was the lead guitarist in rock band “Absolutely Free,” Mitch cofounded Timeslips Corp, one of the world’s largest time tracking Software Companies. Timeslips was eventually sold to Sage, plc, where Mitch became the COO and ran a 300 person division with a market cap in excess of $100 million.

More recently, Mitch published “The Invisible Organization” which is the CEO’s guide to building fully virtual organizations.

Camp Maverick brings together the entire Maverick Global Network:

We will be curating a select group of attendees in addition to the Maverick community of exceptional entrepreneurs. Every camper is hand-selected for being remarkable and totally open.

It’s not just about your gross revenue or business success – that’s simply one criteria. We are really interested in entrepreneurs who can bring something special conversations, who have significant ambitions and are doing something remarkable in their business. We want to know who they REALLY are and how they’ll show up.

Here’s a small sampling of some of previous Campers:

  • Time Magazine 100 Most Influential List
  • “Idea seller” to Fortune500 companies
  • An 8-figure natural supplement company founder
  • A $70MM land development company CEO
  • 3-time INC5000 company generating multiple 7-figures running social sports leagues
  • 1 of only 3 people to have 3 NY Times Best Sellers on the list at the same time (3 million copies in print of his books and movie adaptation

This unprecedented mix of achievers and exceptional entrepreneurs together in such a unique environment is just one of the reasons Camp Maverick is so special.


Maverick members are recognized at the top of their respective industries and high impact fields from Internet pioneers to eCommerce, publishers, importers, service providers, financial institutions, renowned experts, real estate developers, multi-national manufacturers to venture capitalists and software & app developers. All Mavericks run at least one (or several) 7-figure or 8-figure business.

Maverick NEXT

The NEXT generation of leaders, innovators and influencers that are successful young entrepreneurs under the age of 25. Camp Maverick brings together the entire Maverick Global community plus an additional group of highly accomplished entrepreneurs, best-selling authors and icons.

100 Tickets Available

In order to create a truly remarkable experience, Camp Maverick will be significantly more intimate than any of the previously sold-out Underground® events. Instead of 400-500 attendees like we would normally have, we’re paring the numbers down to just 175 campers in total.

Maverick1000, Maverick NEXT members and previous campers have already reserved 50% of the spots so that means there will be less than 100 tickets available when we open the doors.

Attendance is application-only so that we can truly curate the ideal mix of entrepreneurs, business leaders and impact makers from a multitude of fields.

We are looking for a combination of business success, current contribution, what you bring to the table and your ‘Maverick DNA’.

Ticket availability will be issued in the following priority order:

  • 1) Personal Invite from a Maverick Member
  • 2) Previous Campers
  • 3) Past Underground® attendees (group of 4,000+)
  • 4) Early Camp Maverick priority notification list
  • 5) Invited partners and guests

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