May 17-19, 2018

Marble Falls, TX


“Who the hell would want to come to Summer Camp for Entrepreneurs?”

That’s pretty much what one of my business coaches and mentors told me…

He said I’d be foolish to retire the Underground® seminar and I’d be making a big mistake.

You see, two years ago we retired the Underground Online Seminar®. After a decade-long run and being named one of Forbes ‘Must-Attend’ conferences, I left thousands of past attendees up in the air wanting to know what was next. The real answer at the time was “I’m not sure.”

Our mission at Maverick is to ‘change the way business is played’ and we wanted to do something really epic for our new annual event. Camp Maverick was born last summer as a trial run and it was, flat-out, amazing!

I honestly thought Camp would be pretty cool when we first had the idea for it but didn’t have an inkling of just of how much campers would absolutely LOVE the event:


President and Clinical Director of
Bodymechanics Institute

"Maverick’s Camp was going back to childhood and doing everything the Maverick's way. This was the best and most enriching and invigorating experience. Thank you, Mavericks."


Naturopathic Doctor/Owner,
Solutions Pharmacy

"Camp was awesome. I’ve made some great connections with people and a lot of good friends here. Reconnecting, rebonding with people and recentering myself so I can take it back home and just kick ass in my business!"


Founder of Nettrus

"This has been the most amazing experience to me. I met a bunch of cool people. Everybody is smart. I can point a finger in any direction and learn something from anybody. I’ve met a lot of good partners--a lot of good people that can help me grow--being a Maverick Next’er. I can’t put a price on it. It’s the most amazing time I’ve ever had!"


Entrepreneur, Author & Business Owner
Founder of Custom Toll Free

"There some great business opportunities here. There’s some amazing people. Camp Maverick is an awesome time. Good people. Beautiful people. Smart people. This place is full of it all!"


Client Experience Officer at Corporate Disk Company

"Camp Maverick is awesome. I’m really impressed with the people that I met. Of course, it’s just a freakin’ great time, but speakers are really cool. Yesterday I was talking a one of the speakers and he gave me a referral right away. Send the guy an email; he called me on the phone. It’s just amazing the kind of connections you can make here. The people are so much fun. You have to come to Camp Maverick again...and become a Maverick because this group is awesome!"


Principal at Inbound Designs

"This has been great...this Camp--being able to unplug. I’ve gotten to really enjoy all of the activities, and really embrace all of these guys around here. These people are fantastic, and I’ve learned a lot--this has really helped. Not to mention the great little prize that I got--that they gave me--for the scavenger hunt...stuff like that has made this an awesome experience."


Founder & CEO of Lifematters
Former Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Winner

"I love Camp Maverick...This is the best conference I’ve been to. Who the hell wants to go to another Hilton or Marriott and sit in some conference room in the middle of anywhere. We did bubble soccer, silent disco, great counselors, water skiing, slides--it’s just tremendous...and we have a gong show coming up… the good news is the market cap of my business is just going up tremendously and there are so many advisors here that are helping us get there--helping us scale the business, so it’s really been phenomenal.

Needless to say...phenomenal friends, a great support, crazy people, and wonderful entrepreneurs. You’d be silly not to be here. Sign up today"


Principal at Inbound DesigCo-Founder, Listen Up Espanolns

"Maverick Camp is great so far. I just come to a Maverick event and don't’ know what to expect--usually I expect a kickass time of growing, learning, having a lot of fun. Actually, the fun factor allows me to open up the creative side. The Mavericks got a lot of good learning sessions--not too long so with my ADD it kind of works with me. But a lot of good conversations, too, outside the learning sessions when we’re having fun.

It was a kickass’s an awesome time."

100 Tickets Available

In order to create a truly remarkable experience, Camp Maverick will be significantly more intimate than any of the previously sold-out Underground® events. Instead of 400-500 attendees like we would normally have, we’re paring the numbers down to just 175 campers in total.

Maverick1000, Maverick NEXT members and previous campers have already reserved 50% of the spots so that means there will be less than 100 tickets available when we open the doors.

Attendance is application-only so that we can truly curate the ideal mix of entrepreneurs, business leaders and impact makers from a multitude of fields.

We are looking for a combination of business success, current contribution, what you bring to the table and your ‘Maverick DNA’.

Ticket availability will be issued in the following priority order:

  • 1) Personal Invite from a Maverick Member
  • 2) Previous Campers
  • 3) Past Underground® attendees (group of 4,000+)
  • 4) Early Camp Maverick priority notification list
  • 5) Invited partners and guests

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