May 17-19, 2018

Marble Falls, TX


In case you have lingering questions we’ve put together answers to questions you might have about how Camp Maverick will work.


Q. Where is Camp Maverick?

Marble Falls, Texas

Q. What are the dates and when should I show up/leave?

Camp Maverick is May 16-20, 2018

Check In Time Wednesday, 5/16
Check Out Time: Sunday, 5/20

Please plan to fly in and out of AUS - Austin, TX (1 hour drive) We will provide shuttles to and from there.

Q: How much does a Camp Maverick ticket cost?

Retail Camp Maverick ticket is $5495 but the Early Owl Ticket discount right now is $4495.

Q. Can I show up late?

Well, if you really need to - sure, but who wants to miss part of Camp!? If you do need to come in late, you'll need to arrange for your own transportation from the airport and let us know about your travel plans after you sign up.

Q. What are the "bunks" like?

Staying in the great outdoors doesn’t mean roughing it. You’ll be staying in comfortable cabins overlooking the beautiful lake and mountains. Think rustic luxury - air conditioning, private bathrooms and even daily housekeeping. Plus the good news is you’ve got a 2-4 people per cabin.

Q. Can I pick my roommates?

Yes and no. We’ll do our best to match you up with your chosen roommate but part of the fun is also meeting new people and making those connections. Of course, if you’re a couple we will keep you together (or not – your choice)

Q. What kind of food will be there?

The chefs at Camp Maverick will tempt you with the freshest ingredients; serving up an awesome variety of items for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Q. What kind of drinks are included?

No cheapo stuff here. All of your drinks are included and you’ll get treated to top shelf brands of liquor, beer and wine.

Q. Can I bring electronics?

Yes, you can but why? Being in the moment makes a huge difference so try leaving it all behind. Seriously. We dare you!

Q. Can I volunteer at Camp Maverick?

We’re actually all set in the volunteer department.

Q. Can I speak or present at Camp Maverick?

If you’re an attendee and have something you think would make for a good workshop, please just note that on your application or contact us after you sign up and we will let you know.

Q. Can I help sell tickets for Camp Maverick?

Possibly. With only 100 tickets to sell to the public, we are being pretty selective in choosing partners, but please feel free to reach out and let us know what you’re up to and give us some info on your tribe.

Q. Am I too old for camp?

No way! Only if you think you are. You will be able to decide on which activities you want to participate in and which you don’t...and there will really be something for everyone!

Q. How much time is learning versus fun?

Remember you get to create a lot of your own experience. It’s totally up to you if you want more free time and leisure or want to spend more time digging in with our camp counselors and experts.

Q. How do I know If I am accepted?

Once you apply, our review committee will take a look at your application. You'll typically get a response from us within 72 hours. At that point we will ask you to make your reservation or forfeit your spot to the next qualified applicant.

Q. Is my ticket to camp transferable?

Nope. Just like real sleep away camp, your ticket is non-transferable.

Q. Can I bring my kids? My dog?

Camp Maverick is currently an adults only event - that means all campers must be at least 18 years of age. We love pets, but unfortunately they're gonna have to skip out on this one.

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